Company Profile offers the most comprehensive employment job reference checking service for less money since 2000.
Other job reference services charge an ADDITIONAL $25.00 for their "RUSH" service.
We assign your employment job reference to a counselor immediately for no additional charge.
Other job reference services tell you, if they can't reach your job reference in 3 calls, it is a bad job reference and they have met their service obligation to you.
We do NOT give up. We will get your job reference to communicate with us and get you the information. That is what you should expect. You need to know what they are saying.
We tell you what is said and how they say it.
How your job reference answers the questions is just as important as what they are saying.
What Makes Us Different
  CheckMyReference Others
Basic Service $29.90 up to $69.00
Professional Service $44.90 up to $79.00
Executive Service $69.00 up to $129.00
Rush Fees None up to $25.00
Turnaround Time Assigned immediately up to 10 days
Number of Call Attempts As many as it takes. 3 calls
Telephone Support Toll Free number
Good Luck reaching them
Let one of our counselors call your employment reference today!
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Toll Free: 1-877-593-3633
  • "My old boss made me sound like a criminal. I left after discovering that the boss was short paying the IRS on 941 withholding tax. I am contacting an attorney. Thank you for uncovering this."
    Linda S., Portland, ME

  • "Thank you!!! Your reports were very informative and detailed. I was pleasantly surprised to get them the same day!"
    David R., Seattle, WA

  • "I was surprised to find out that after 11 successful years with the same company, my boss wouldn't release information about my performance. I know now that I need to find another reference."
    Brian B., Plano, TX

  • "I left the college on good terms with two weeks notice. I was shocked to find out that the department head said I had a spotty attendance record."
    M. Gonzalez, Miami, FL

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