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   We offer an invaluable service to your career seeking visitors as well as a revenue generating stream for your organization. Just add a phrase, advertorial, or article to your website, electronic newsletters, or email purchase confirmation with a hyperlink telling your customers or visitors about the best and most affordable reference checking service. As the nature of our service is so unique and unknown to most job seekers, this information will be a valuable added service offering that your visitors will appreciate.  A revenue stream is created for you as you will receive a commission on each order generated through your site.  All commissions are tracked through a 3rd party affiliate program where you will receive access to real time reports and email confirmations of all sales generated from you. 
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 The relationships we are building with highly rated and respected sites will assist job seekers, build traffic, and grow revenue for our companies. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this with you in greater detail. is our preferred partner.
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Company News introduces our new look and newly designed web site. It is easy to navigate and allows clients enhanced information about our products and services.

Our unique service and competitive price made us the premier employment reference checking service on the internet.

We have many satisfied clients who agree.

Personnel News
  • Senior Reference Counselor Claudia was named 2011's Employee of the Year for dedicated and loyal service to the company and clients.
    - In a tumultuous employment environment, Claudia helped many job-seekers to have the greatest possible advantage as they faced the difficult job market last year. Taking a personal interest in her clients' job searches, Claudia routinely went above and beyond to ensure clients were the best prepared they could possibly be. Claudi would like to thank her customers for their wonderful feedback and warm thank you notes.

  • We would like to announce the promotion of Alan Miner to our senior management team as CTO.
    - Alan has dedicated many long hours to achieve the level of technical success that has been the backbone of incredible success. His level of contagious enthusiasm has been caught by his whole team.
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